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Hello, and welcome to the community. This community was created to provide guides, faqs, and help to people who play the pokemon games. In addition, I'm doing a "Pokemon of the day" feature for the time being. In it, I'll post one or more movesets for the chosen pokemon and discuss any battle strategies you can use to defeat your opponents in the Battle Tower or in battles against human trainers. You can request any pokemon you want, so long as I haven't done it yet. Feel free to join and jump right in. Ask questions, post movesets, discuss training techniques, and have fun.

1. No flame wars. Arguments and disagreements are fine. Namecalling and criticism of the non-constructive variety are not.
2. Do not knowingly post false information. If you can't verify it, it would be best to put a disclaimer.
3. Most people are here because they are interested in the pokemon games. If you'd like to discuss cards or anime, it's fine, but keep in mind that some people will not know what you are talking about.
4. No pornography, homophobia, racism, or otherwise hateful content allowed. Foul language is allowed and encouraged.
5. Game screenshots and related pictures are fine, but put larger ones behind an LJ Cut.
6. Don't copy/paste copyrighted guides. Post a link to the site if you can.
7. Please check the memories to see if what you are looking for is already there. It saves everyone time. If you're unsure, go ahead and ask anyway. We don't bite hard.
8. I know I'll never have to enforce this rule because everyone here is awesome, buuuut: Promotion is allowed for pokemon-related communities only. If you promote any other kind of community, the first time it will be deleted. The next time, it will be deleted and you will be warned. Third strike is teh banz0rs.
9. No spam. We don't care that you're auctioning off pokemon cards on ebay. We don't want to see the community flooded with posts that have no substance. Your posts DO have to be related to some aspect of pokemon or the community. If you have 3 questions, ask them in a single post, don't make 3 separate posts.
10. Do not talk about fight club. err...ok, that's all the rules.

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