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[08 Nov 2012|09:31pm]

A friend and I were chatting about his Wonder Guard Spiritomb, and about abilities that could screw with it. Scrappy and Mold Breaker were obvious, but I mentioned No Guard because I'd had issues with No Guard and Ghost-types before, and he wasn't sure if it worked that way, and I didn't have a No Guard poke on Black version to test.

Does No Guard allow Fighting/Normal attacks to hit Ghost-types?
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More Pokemon Giveaways [31 Jan 2011|02:23pm]

This week there are TWO Pokemon giveaways for anybody with a fourth-gen game (D/P/Pt, HG/SS) in the USA.

- Gamestop stores are giving away the third of the Legendary Dogs, Suicune, from today January 31st until Sunday February 7th. Suicune is at L30, shiny, and has a Relaxed nature and a Rowap Berry.

- Toys R Us stores are giving away "Ash's Pikachu", from yesterday January 30th until Sunday February 7th. Ash's Pikachu is at L50, male, and has a Naughty nature and a Light Ball.
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[11 Jan 2011|01:27pm]

Just a reminder; second of the Legendary Dogs of Johto givaway is going on at American Gamestop locations (Raikou ended Sunday, sorry for not reminding everybody)!

ETA: Egg on my face! The Entei giveaway starts on January 17th, not back-to-back as I thought! My bad!

- - - - -

Who here's planning to get Black/White? What starter are you thinking of using, and why?
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Pokemon Pearl Help! [02 May 2010|04:45pm]

I have never played a Pokemon game before this one, so needless to say I'm still a newbie. :) I'd like to think I've done well so far -- I'm at the Elite Four and so far have beaten every trainer/gym leader before this with ease. I can beat the first three Elite Four no problem, but I simply CAN'T beat the fourth. I know he's supposed to be challenging, but I'm just not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm also aware that there's a Champion battle afterward, and I don't think I'm prepared for that, either.

Is there some sort of strategy I should be focusing on? My friend told me that she stuck with one Pokemon and used that the whole time -- so beating the Elite was easy because her ONE Pokemon was a much higher level than any of their Pokemon. I tried doing this with my Gengar, but he's only like level 60 and I'm still struggling. Now I feel like I'm stuck because my other Pokemon are in the 40's and so they're nowhere NEAR being able to fight.

So I guess my question is... Am I beyond hope? How do I fix this? Do I just keep leveling my Gengar by fighting the Elite over and over again? Or what? I have no idea what to do. @_@
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Desperately Seeking Dialga [05 Apr 2010|12:45am]

Does anyone have a Dialga in their team that I could just see? I need it to complete my pokedex so I can get the national dex.

My FC is 3953 9434 3017
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modpost [29 Mar 2010|09:26pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hey all,

I was wondering. I check in on the community a lot but not much happens. Is there anything you'd like to see planned for this community or any guides you'd like to see?

The things I was thinking of doing...

-A guide about Super Contests, condensing all the contest movesets scattered about the site into one large guide database entry.
-A guide about Pokeathlons.
-A Sinnoh/Johto Battle Frontier Guide similar to the Kanto/Hoenn Battle Frontier Guide that seems to be the most popular of all the written guides.
-Updating the TM guide with the location of all the TMs from Gen III-Gen IV, and adding the locations of all move tutors.

Cross-promotional thing with pimp_my_team perhaps. Themed tournaments or something. Or it could just stay as a sort of non-social Q&A comm like it has seemingly become.

I dunno, ideas, suggestions, gripes, etc...?


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Restarting Soul silver [24 Mar 2010|07:51am]

I can't find my instruction pamphlet, an the game will not let me start a new adventure and then save. How do I do this?
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Profhydron's Pokemon of the Day: Clefable [28 Dec 2009|02:19am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

With the much anticipated release of HeartGold/Soulsilver in the new year, I'm reminiscing about the events and pokemon that made that generation so much fun. So I turned to Monday nights at Mt. Moon where the Clefairy Dance took place. Clefable, Clefairy's evolution is such an interesting pokemon, since the early days it's had a wide movepool and you never really know what you're going to get from it until it uses a move. Things have only gotten better for it over the years and now in Gen IV, it received a wonderful gift in it's exclusive ability: Magic Guard.

Now it can use Toxic Orb/Facade without the Poison damage, abuse lack of Life Orb recoil damage, and though it suffers ATK loss from BRN (it doesn't lose any HP though!) and SPD loss from PRZ (it can't ever be fully paralyzed!), it's become quite a force. After reviewing Smogon's list (Serebii hasn't covered it yet for Gen IV). One cornerstone move has always been Softboiled, but it's always used to keep Clefable alive in Singles. Though I understand the hesitance to leave a pokemon on the field with no actual attacks, Clefable's support movepool should more than enough to bolster it's teammate both offensively and defensively.
Hey Listen, Hey Listen, Hey Listen!Collapse )

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Emerald Version Safari Zone Help [12 Dec 2009|10:25pm]

I'm looking for Pikachu

but I can't find the little bugger anywhere

I've found pikachu in the past when I've played this game..but I don't remember where in the Safari Zone it's at

all I know it's somewhere in the front of the safari zone

can anyone tell me exactly where in the Safari Zone Pikachu ish at??
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Gameboy Advance Link Cable?....(Part Two)!!! D8> [20 Nov 2009|05:22am]

[ mood | stressed ]

ok guys :( for those of you that know, i went to gamestop yesterday to pick up that Gamboy Advance to Gameboy Advance link cable. First post here---> http://community.livejournal.com/pokemon/3136073.html. And well now i'm upset/sad beyond all reason..i tried trading between my Emerald and FireRed yesterday and all i got was the assistants saying: "Please Wait......Cancel: B" for basically EVER :(

here is a picture of what the cable looks like:Collapse )

what am i doing wrong?
i've already setup trade abilities with Hoenn in FireRed, is it because i haven't beaten the game yet in Emerald that i can't trade? i have yet to go beat the E4.

Or can this be because the package on the cable said GBA-GBA ONLY? (i'm using GBA SP's)
and it IS a Nintendo product i know that for certain.


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Modpost [10 Nov 2009|11:49pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

Hey guys, one of your co-moderators here just checking in on some recent troubles.

If there is an issue of trolling, please bring it up to me. I'm able to deal with all offensive material or persons with a few clicks. If you think someone may be trolling, or breaking the rules, or just don't seem quite together let me know and I will deal with it. I am in college and not always at my computer but I try to check up on things every two days or so, sometimes it's more lax then that, but just commenting on a public entry of mine in my sporadically-updated journal will get to my inbox, and I'll be on whatever it is that needs investigating post-haste.

I will now approve all new members before they are allowed to join the community, if the journals are new, questionable, or otherwise suspicious I will not allow them posting access. This is to keep spam or unwanted content to a minimum.

thanks, have a nice day
The Prof

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FAKE CARTRIDGES......?!?! O.o' [09 Nov 2009|07:46am]

[ mood | scared ]

Ok, i recently stumbled onto a post that pointed out some things to me that i hadn't thought of. I knew of the "fake pokemon games", like the obvious Black chaos and Liquid Crystal, but i now know i was entirely ignorant of the "real game" fakes. O.o'.....

I own 6 Pokemon games (although some i dont play anymore):

-Pokemon Stadium for the N64
-Pokemon Gold & Silver for the GBC
-Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for the GameCube
-Pokemon FireRed & Emerald for the GBA

Now, i KNOW that games Pkmn Stadium through Pkmn XD: GoD ARE LEGIT. But...it's Emerald & FireRed that worry me <:o you see that same post i spoke of earlier listed things (on the cartridges themselves) that would point them to be fakes. That same post gave a link to a YouTube video of a guy that pointed out even more things (such as gameplay errors).

My problem is, i'm almost 100% certain my FR is legit but one thing is wrong, the "imprint" on the front under the sticker isnt there. I noticed this earlier but just thought it was cuz i took good care of it and didnt crease/press on the front. But when i used my nail to feel for the imprint/force it to show, nothing was there!...from what i can remeber, i bought this BRAND SPANKING NEW at Walmart or H-E-B. And everything else about it is perfect, gameplay, saving, sticker design/placement, etc. all except for that "imprint".

Is this anything to be worried about or am i just going a little "overboard"?
normally i wouldnt care but i have a trade date set next month and i'm worried the save file will erase if/when i put it in a DS Lite.

And about the Emerald, it looks 100% legit (even has the "imprint" on the front!) but even though i bought it at GameStop (used..) i've read alot over the net that even fakes are making it into stores! :( and i worry cuz mine's "used" and didnt come with any box or anything (but still cost me $40! D:< wtf?) and i've also heard that theres a 70+% chance of the save data deleting itself the 1st time you beat the E4 and 99% the 2nd time, i havent beaten them once yet and im nervous to even do so. idk if that last part is just for the fake or if that happens in the real ones too?..

and at the time of buying these, like i said, i didnt know people actually went so low as to make fakes of "real" games. So does anyone have any idea if they might be fake? I can put pix if needed, though like i said, they look 100% real (to me that is).

Thanks ahead of time guys, and sorry for such a long post! C:>

*EDIT UPDATE: i have this post posted elsewhere on other pokemon comms here on LJ and from what i'm told i'm pretty safe with my FireRed, and i'm just a little nervous now about my Emerald, but i think its gunna be ok. Just for a 3-5th opinion, here are some pix of my games, sorry in advance for lame quality, i used my phone :/

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[30 Oct 2009|11:17pm]


ETA: NVM. Didn't know you could go up the waterfall without Waterfall. Guide, dang it!
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So I had an idea for a doubles team. [12 Aug 2009|01:14pm]

Lapras@Life Orb/Damp Rock
Water Absorb
192 HP / 112 Def / 160 SpA / 44 SpD
Rain Dance
Ice Beam

Water Absorb
188 HP / 252 Def / 68 SpA
Signal Beam
Wish/Aqua Ring/Toxic/Yawn

Boltbeam used Cut! It's not very effective...Collapse )

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Profhydron's Pokemon of the Day: Tangrowth [07 Aug 2009|12:58pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Tangela was one of the more unsung Grass types of Gen I. Being located exclusively in a bizarre place (that patch just south of Pallet Town that almost no one remembers), not evolving, having a ridiculous defense stat for a Grass type. Tangela went largely unnoticed due to the superior abilities of Venusaur, Exeggutor, and hell, even Vileplume and Victreebel. Grass not being a particularly great type (5 type weaknesses) it isn't often considered a power beyond the usually Subseeder/Special Sweeper/Status.

Thankfully with Tangela's evolution into Tangrowth, it makes a staunch improvement into the comptetative arena. Bringing all the aspects of Tangela that made it unique and making it stand up to a wider variety of opponents. Tangrowth fits a wide variety of roles in most teams, and once you get past it's odd appearance, you'll be surprised how well it pulls it's weight.
the Shaggy Caveman pokemon...wait what?Collapse )

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Pomeg glitch: Old news for some [05 Aug 2009|05:18am]

After a semi-forever hiatus from pokemon due to...well, world of warcraft and bumming around my old hometown, I've returned with some (hopefully) helpful information for other players who just can't stomach using Pokesav or AR, or don't have access to these things. Also, for my fellow glitch enthusiasts.
Lots of text under this.Collapse )
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Manaphy IVs [25 Jul 2009|12:27pm]

with a timid manaphy what are the lowest you IVs you can get away with in speed and spatk and HP? I found my old ranger came that I never finished so I did that the last couple of days and I transferred my egg over. But man is it a pain hatching the damn thing, around 50 hatches and only one timid and those IVs really sucked. So yeah, some input would be helpful :)
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WTF? [22 Jul 2009|01:51pm]

Just a little startled/confused here:

How the heck do I have a listing for Manaphy in my pokedex on Platinum? I've never made contact with any other game, and I don't even have the Snowpoint Gym Badge yet...
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Profhydron's Pokemon of the Day: Electivire [22 Jul 2009|11:10am]

[ mood | busy ]

Electabuzz was sorely looking for some help, all but forgotten in Gen III it's evolution into Electivire boosted it up to competitive standard. Most will say that Electivire requires the SPD boost from Motor Drive to be effective, which certainly helps, no question. But it can still make a strong showing and be an effective team member without it. Electivire doesn't necessarily have a wide range of attacks open to it, but it can hit for quite an amount of super-effective damage with what it gets, on the special and physical spectrum. That ability sure is awesome, if only there was a way to make certain Electric moves hit you...

Again trying not to sing the praises of physical sweeper movesets that are already well documented on Smogon and Serebii, we're trying something different here.
a yeti who eats up all your precious energyCollapse )

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Profhydron's Pokemon of the Day: Magmortar [21 Jul 2009|03:37pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Quite possibly one of my favorite old pokemon evolutions, Magmortar often spends time in Electivire's shadow, due to it's lower speed. Also Electivire gaining it's unique ability certainly didn't help matters much. But Magmortar looks like a Mega Man boss, with the raw power to melt faces if you aren't careful. It's the only 3rd form Fire type evolution that's not a starter, and makes a great ingame choice for Sinnoh with it's wide variety of attacks. If all else fails, he makes hatching eggs a relative breeze.

Special attacking movesets are abound on the internetz, so I'm not going to waste your time telling you how standard and effective those movesets are. With these two movesets we're going to go in different directions using unconventional tactics, and a little surprise.
is it me, or is it getting hot in here..?Collapse )

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